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[opensuse-factory] MATE - Massive update
Hi Mariusz, (CC to Factory)

For a long time that no one has worked on the MATE packages... I had
some free time this weekend and moved all the packages to
GNOME:Cinnamon:MATE where they are supposed to be. I've also updated
all the packages to 1.2.x and those with version 1.3.x available wered
updated to 1.3. I've finally fixed the the damned schema installation
and converted the old gconf macros to mateconf. How does this works?
Kinda easy....

- the RPM macros for mateconf are installed by mate-conf, so you need
it as build requires (BuildRequires: pkgconfig(mateconf-2.0));
- Add %mateconf_schemas_requires to preamble;
- Add %find_mateconf_schemas to %install
- Add the following for the RPM transaction:
+ %pre -f %{name}.schemas_pre
+ %preun -f %{name}.schemas_preun
+ %posttrans -f %{name}.schemas_posttrans
- Add -f %{name}.schemas_list to %files on the packages where you
want the schemas

This fixes the royal nightmare created with the schemas... I've
dropped the crap tools we were using (python scripts) for this task...
This should be way more fun now to make packages and ensure the stuff
is done properly (credits goes to people who worked on the original
gconf macros, I've only modified them for MATE).

If you want to see this file:

It's in full rebuild right now... But I am assuming once it's
rebuilded it should work properly for anyone who installs it. If not,
I'll hammer it a bit more. Many spec files need some optimizations...
I'll do that while updating to 1.3.

While this is OK for distribution through the repository, for
inclusion on openSUSE a lot more needs to be done so we can present a
few packages to Marcus team for evaluation and see if they accept our
DBus services and Polkit stuff.

For now, that's pretty much it, and I expect it to be usable once the
rebuild finishes... No patterns so far, I will do them later as we're
missing some packages...

WARNING: The default looks are probably gonna scare people since I
didn't integrated the normal branding and we're most likely missing
themes... use the tools from 'mate-conf-editor' (mateconf-editor) to
edit the stuff you need... It's the same stuff as gconf-editor :)

I've built a lot of stuff (and changed the default window manager to
metacity, so we can test with Compiz that Kai is working on), there's
a lot of packages missing (many add doubled functionality). I'm not in
for doubling functionality... How stupid is it to supply a fork of
GEdit (while we have a better option with GNOME3, and it works),
Evince (FFS... kids with too much time), and others... My stance
towards this... is screw the forkers and use the real stuff from
GNOME3... I don't care if upstream wants to provide a full GTK2
experience (what the hell are they smoking? probably the same as I
do)... We'll provide MATE using all the stuff we can from GNOME3 and
openSUSE... and so far it's possible.


Nelson Marques
// I've stopped trying to understand sandwiches with a third piece of
bread in the middle...
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