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Re: [opensuse-factory] About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)
I haven't followed this discussion very closely, but in my job I have
to boot "new to me" computers from non-hdd boot media routinely.

Based on my experience I vote against a "USB only live media".

== my logic

USB thumbdrive boot - I think every PC I come across has usb ports,
but that does not mean the bios'es support usb booting. I find this
very hit or miss once you get away from the big brands like Dell. In
my job we carry bootable thumb drives, bootable CD's, and a external
usb CD/DVD drive. I would not carry all that if a single solution

PXE boot - This is pretty universally available and has been for at
least a decade. The biggest negative for me is it typically involves
going into the bios and changing things. And it is a setting that
varies a lot and most users have no idea how to do this.

CD boot - This used to be universally available, but now a lot of
netbooks, etc. don't have a optical drive. When it is available, I've
always gotten it to work unless the drive itself was malfunctioning.

USB external CD - Every time I've tried this it worked. External
CD/DVD drives are under $50.

DVD boot - I don't do that, so I have no info. ie. I only carry CD
media with me for booting purposes, so I don't pay attention to PCs
that only support CD media and not DVD.


I lack actual experience with DVDs for booting, but my uninformed vote
would be to produce 1 MB iso's that can be burned to DVD or a usb
thumb drive and document the 4 possible ways to use it:

1) Internal DVD
2) External DVD
3) Thumb drive
4) Via a PXE server

I doubt many of us think about the PXE server option very often, but I
think it should become a documented/supported way of working with
openSUSE boot images in general.

These days most of us have multiple computers and having one that
could boot up as PXE server to support less functional PCs/netbooks
seems like something we should more formally support.

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