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[opensuse-factory] Install from NET gone bad
Hi list,
I installed 12.2-ß1 from NET dd'ed to a USB stick. The installation GUI has a
problem with selecting some packages (grepmail, ruby-devel, etc.) causing it to
into ncurses and starting from the beginning. It stays in ncurses until package
selection where it goes back into GUI mode until some selection causes it to
drop to ncurses and back at the beginning. This would be a show stopper for new

Another problem is configuring the boot method. I chose legacy grub, unchecked
separate /home as I use a separate /common data partition softlinked to /home.
also clicked on "other (lower right corner)" and selected merging with existing
configuration. That did not find my OS 12.1 installation. During partition
selection I left /boot unformatted to maintain my other installs. Boot method
set for boot from /boot, not MBR.

After encountering some problems during boot, when I finally got into the user
x-windows session and went to check what /boot/grub/menu.lst had in it and
found the
entire /boot folder empty. After rebooting into OS 12.1 and checking /boot, it
still is empty. I also rebooted into a live PartedMagic and it also showed
/boot to
be empty.

/var/log/boot.msg shows sda3 (/boot) being loaded succesfully. Attached are
pertinent logs.


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Tom Taylor - retired penguin
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