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Re: [opensuse-factory] About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)
El Jueves, 7 de junio de 2012 07:57:10 Stephan Kulow escribió:

The beta has no libreoffice and no gimp on the live cd - mainly
because their dependencies got blocked (ghostscript and jdk).

Now I tried how much space we need to save to be at 700MB and it's
roughly 80MB, that we are over.

So I wonder: should we screw the medium CD and go officially for
1GB sticks as our medium? (or require DVD medium for non-usb).

The alternative is saving these 80MB by picking something to block.
For your convenience, this is the list of the largest packages
on KDE.i586 - sizes will differ for the other variants of course.

Some of the options we have:

1. Saying goodbye to Live CDs (and building USB live images). Others have
already done that, such as PC-BSD

2. Removing LibreOffice and GIMP from the Live CD and leaving just English (no

3. Making the Live CD KDE pure, like Fedora.

As it has already been said, removing packages is not a solution in the long
term. So my vote goes to option 1 (applies to kde-four-live and kde-reloaded
CDs as well).

Javier Llorente
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