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Re: [opensuse-factory] About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)
Am 07.06.2012 09:40, schrieb Stephan Kulow:

Am 07.06.2012 08:41, schrieb Stefan Seyfried:
Am 07.06.2012 07:57, schrieb Stephan Kulow:

-rw-r--r-- 1 107 109 3,4M Jun 7 04:54 bootsplash-branding-openSUSE.rpm

Isn't that moot with plymouth now?
Possible. Remember my mail about "plymouth support for kiwi"? Not much
happened about it.

Well, kiwi simply is something nobody wants to touch voluntarily with a
ten foot pole, I guess (but my kiwi experience is from 3 years ago, so
it might be a nice and intuitive tool now).

I opted for fixin random build failures in Factory instead :-)

I don't understand the purpose of mysql on an live CD but that's
probably just me :-)
Ask the kdepim crew... ;(

Ah. Ok. How about leaving out kdepim? (assuming that Thunderbird will be
on the medium anyway).

(Disclaimer: I have not tried any kdepim stuff for quite some time, but
I only know people migrating away from it, not new users).

seife@susi:~> rpm --help|grep docs
--excludedocs do not install documentation

how about that?

That breaks online updates - and you have no way to retrieve the
documentation later.

Ok, then we really need to split off documentation packages for
everything. Too bad.

So maybe just ditching openoffice from the Live CD is really the way to
go for now. I would not miss it (I just use it once per month), but I
know there are people using it more often...
Stefan Seyfried

"Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body!"
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