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Re: [opensuse-factory] Xorg will not load with Opensuse 12.2 beta1

Am 06/06/12, schrieb Juan Erbes <jerbes@xxxxxxxxx>:

The last saturday I installed Opensuse 12.2 beta1 on my pc (Phenom 2
X4 965 mobo Gigabye GM880-USB4, with 4 GB of memory and a ATI Radeon
HD 5670, the mobo has a ATI HD4250 graphical chip, disabled on the
bios), and is impossible to load Xord with KDE)

I got the error:

No screens found

I tryed to use the propietary fglrx driver, but first it colud'nt
compile, and later after aplly 2 patches to the fglrx sources, it
compiled, but when I tryed to load the module I got an "undefined
symbol" error..

Later I tryed with the kernel 3.3 from the repo factory-tested, and I
tryed again with the fglrx driver wthout the parches, and it compiled
ok, but when I try to load Xorg, I got a segmentation error.

Yesterday, I made a update of the system changing the repos to factory
and tryed again wth the open source driver radeon, and I got again the
same error of the begining:

No screens found

What's hsappened with Sax?

I do'nt found it on the system.

I mean the problem is that the radeon driver do'nt finds the phisical
address of the graphic card.

How can I configure the phisical address of the graphic card for the
radeon driver?

I attached the Xorg.0.log

according to, you have not a single graphics card driver installed, not even
vesa. Either you have deliberately broken dependencies, or there is a packaging
error. You can check system consistency with "zypper verify".

The gfx card drivers should be located in /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers, with
12.1 these are part of xorg-x11-driver-video.



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