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[opensuse-factory] Grub2 status update (from milestone 2 till now)
It has been a while since Grub2 as default bootloader in Milestone 2.
Let me update (summary) some progress here during this time frame.
Welcome if you have any suggestion.

New features:

* Loader option dialog will be available for customing
Grub2/Grub2-EFI's config (/etc/default/bootloader). Most of these
options are inherited from Grub1 and listed them below. My
expectation is it would be next milestone, if the review get
positive outcome (Steffen is reviewing the changes, it may take some
time as the modificaiton is a bit much)

activate: set the active flag of installed partition (not
available for grub2-efi)

generic_mbr: copy generic mbr boot code to mbr (not available for
grub2-efi and not effect if installed to mbr)

default: set default bootloader entry. Only available bootloader
entries would be listed for selection.

append: append kernel parameters to kernel. During install it will
detect resume=* and will also inherit the parameters you specify
during installation (like console= vga= ..)

timeout: set boot menu time out

hiddenmenu: check to hide the boot menu, uncheck to disable
vgamode: kernel parameter vga=*, detected via vbe extension

serial: check to enable serial console, uncheck to use text/gfx

serial_args: args pass to serial (like: "serial --unit=0
--speed=11520" )


* Graphical boot menu:

Current plan is

1. list of all modes and use highest (from fbresolution or vbemode
output) as default, for selection in options dialog
2. use background image (instead of grub2's theme), default to the
path of opensuse background .. need to decide the path and the art
work, or could we reuse any Polymouth image, Raymond ?

For 1, the concern for me is that fbresoltuin make yast2 bootloader
to depend on splash package and vbemode may not detect some special
native mode (but we can reuse vgamode in yast for detecting the

* AutoYaST with Grub2

I am now testing this and did observe some issues, will file to BZ
and discuss with Uwe.


Thanks for many people's participate and help in trouble-shooting,
we got more grub2 issue reported than before. Summary them and
status report here:

= Open:

[Bug 753889] grub2: Sorts "previous" kernel versions in wrong order
[Bug 755137] /usr/bin/grub2-kbdcomp bash script requires missing
application ckbcomp
[Bug 751835] Gnome Live CD for Build 241 missing 2 GRUB2 files. (I
am not sure it is fixed or not, if anybody knows please help to

= Resolved (on my side, need reporter to close)

on Milestone 3
[Bug 750897] grub2-install failed to install to extended partition
[Bug 752939] grub2 loses console= and vga= settings
[Bug 753229] multi-os booting is not work in grub2

on Milestone 4 (will be ..hopefully)
[Bug 753246] grub2 /etc/default/grub will be overwritten if package
[Bug 755183] Grub2 will left stale kernel entry in it's config when
update kernel
[Bug 753442] Compiling and installing a new kernel fails and does
not add it to the grub2 menu
[Bug 754336] Serial console not set up for grub2

= Closed
Milestone 3
[Bug 747919] grub2 os-prober fails when OSX partition is present

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