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Re: [opensuse-factory] what you can do with KDE3 that you can't do with KDE4. (was: udisks2)
On Friday 30 Mar 2012 12:09:37 Will Stephenson wrote:
On Friday 30 Mar 2012 12:00:27 Michal Kubeček wrote:
On Friday 30 of March 2012 11:35EN, Freek de Kruijf wrote:
I got the impression that something essential is missing, so I
challenge you to come with such an example.

For me (note: I _am_ using KDE4), the main problem of KDE4 is not what
is _missing_ but quite the opposite. Ideal DE for me would be KDE4's
kwin with Plasma (which can be tamed after all) but without stuff like
Nepomuk, Akonadi, Strigi, KDEPIM ... I really don't have any use for all
those and I certainly don't want MySQL running on my desktop because of

I'm decloaking this a bit earlier than I wanted to, but look in
home:wstephenson:branches:klyde for the beginning stages of a packaging of
KDE that facilitates this. Patterns to allow installing the minimum set
are still to be done, but you should be able to upgrade your existing
KDE:Distro:Factory packages to the ones in this branch now and the splits
will leave out all the runtime support for the stuff that is more than Just
A Desktop Environment.

Just tested a clean 12.1 minimal X server install plus the KDE4-KLYDE pattern,
minus a few things that still get installed by mistake, and the resulting
KDE4 session on login, with compositing, default applets and an xterm to run
smem in consumes 144MB (PSS, measured with smem -u). If you turn off
compositing, use Plastik windeco and style and Aya style instead of Oxygen,
that drops to 127MB on login. Which is 9.7% total memory consumption by PSS
of my 2GB virtual machine.

I feel like a Weight Watchers advert.


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