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Re: [opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed 3.3.0-16.1 kernel does not allow install of nvidia driver
On 24/03/12 16:35, Greg KH wrote:


Again, you have been warned, using the nvidia closed source drivers, you are on your own. The only group/people you are allowed to complain to is nvidia themselves, why you are getting upset at us is totally unknown.


Again, you are on your own, the fact that Larry keeps helping you is
beyond amazing, you owe him a few beers at the least.

greg k-h

Thank you, Greg, for your comments.

However, you obviously have not been following the threads in this factory list so allow me to review what has occurred prior to your comments.

On 17 March I posted a message with the subject, "Milestone #2" which said that the nVidia driver (295.20) could not be installed.

Christoph Obexer responder with an URL which provided a patch for the nVidia driver.

Then on 18 March Lars Muller posted a message with subject, "Nvidia driver requires a patch to compile (was Milestone #2)" to which Stefan Dirsch responded stating, "Fixed since more than a week ago."

On 22 March Patrick Shanahan wrote, "Tumbleweed 3.3.0-16.1 kernel does not allow install of nvidia driver" - that is he wrote this in *THIS* thread. Larry responded on the same day and provided a URL for the patch which Larry wrote to overcome the problem.

Seeing as how what Patrick mentioned re Tumbleweed was identical to what I (and obviously others) struck in Milestone #2 the "conversation" shifted from my original post and Lars's post to this thread.

Are you with me so far? Excellent.

And not only I but many others owe Larry "a few beers" - but you'll be lucky to get a glass of water :-) .


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