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Re: Re: [opensuse-factory] Grub2 as default bootloader for installation
On Wednesday, March 07, 2012, Michael Chang <mchang@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Btw .. is there any dependency to loader ? Grub2 seems to be better than
Grub1 for Plymouth because it allows to keep mode setting from loader to
the kernel. This would have reduced flicking in transition from loader to

Hi Michael, This was one of the reasons why I already started to use grub2 to
see the effect on Plymouth. Unfortunately things didn't really changed with
regards to reducing the flickering in transition.

To be honest this is just guess, perhaps we should see how fedora treat both
(they should use grub2+plymouth) ..

I have looked into this and they have a little different setup than openSUSE.
At this moment our plymouth is waiting until udev has created the devices, etc
(required for the consoles) and then starts showing the splash on /dev/tty7.
This means that there is a little gap between grub2 and the plymouth splash.
What I have seen with Fedora is that they do not rely on udev to create the
devices, but that their plymouth script is creating the require console device
itself. This means that plymouth is most likely either first or the second boot
script inside the initrd that is being started. And therefore there is no fall
back to a console screen.

I didn't had too much time lately to dive into this one more and my first
target was to get the package in Factory (which happened now) in order to get
some more testing with different video cards, setup's, etc.

At this moment there is another strange issue with plymouth that it doesn't
show it's splashscreen during shutdown/reboot. Everything is setup correctly
(on systemd and plymouth side), but it is not activated.

With regards to grub2, I believe that the next item would be to create a
proper graphical grub2 menu. This requires some changes to the grub2 package
itself and I am not sure if this has happened yet. However I can help you with
the setup there as that it is just a matter of defining some additional


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