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Re: [opensuse-factory] systemd: What open questions do you have?
Le mardi 29 novembre 2011 à 12:38 -0500, Dennis Gallien a écrit :
On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 11:11 AM Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le jeudi 24 novembre 2011 à 12:33 +0100, Ruediger Meier a écrit :
On Thursday 24 November 2011, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
Here's the wiki page and as a start I added the questions by


Could you please point out to which openSUSE version this page is mostly
related? Factory or 12.1?

It was Factory before 12.1 was released.

At the beginning of the page there is something about "integrating
systemd for openSUSE 12.1" but other details seems to be future Factory
related for example about "obsoleting /etc/tmpdirs.d"

I've removed everything which is done / fixed.

Of course, help would be gladly welcome, since the hard part
(integrating systemd) was done for 12.1, now, it is more a matter of
providing native systemd service for all packages shipping initscripts.

A (probably dumb) question, please: You write that everything which is
done/fixed has been removed. Under "List of services to enable" described as
"not yet handled natively by systemd", there are quite a number of services
still listed.

This is normal : the focus for 12.1 was to get systemd in, not to
convert everything as native systemd services (it would have been nice
to, but very few people stepped in to do the work, unfortunately).

Are we to understand these are as yet not enabled via systemd, but through
other method? Or am I not understanding your remove/fix comment correctly?
Or . . . ?

No, native systemd services must be written for those files (and
ideally, shared with other distro, like Fedora, so we don't redo work
done by others, if possible).

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat@xxxxxxxx>

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