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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal for 12.2, move all binaries under /usr
On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 10:32:08AM +0100, Takashi Iwai wrote:
At Thu, 24 Nov 2011 09:48:50 +0100,
Ludwig Nussel wrote:

Greg KH wrote:
As a proposal for 12.2, I would like to implement the move of all
binaries to /usr/ like is being done at the moment in Fedora.
If there are no major objections, I'll start working on Base:system in

This would be really massive and invasive change. Could you try this out
in a branch first before bothering packagers, please?
The modifications needed are most likely not just simple spec file
changes even if it may seem so in the first place. Esp the update case
seems underestimated to me. Also keep in mind that Factory must still be
to bootstrap itself during the transition.
Has anyone considered modifying rpm to transparently take care of the

It's my concern when I read the post, too. The idea itself sounds
nice, but I foresee many problems with this action.

Actually two things I thought of immediately:

- Updates
Can rpm replace a directory into a symlink when the directory isn't
empty? That is, when something is left in /lib/* (a left-over of
temporary file or some wild non-distro packages), /lib can't be
linked to /usr/lib yet. So, it'll be a mixed state without /usr/lib
symlink fallback.

The filesystem package will handle this, I'm working with the Red Hat
people as they just solved this very problem, so yes, this will be taken
care of.

Maybe more problem would be /bin -> /usr/bin, because the path might
be set in shebang. When you update bash, it's placed to /usr/bin,
but /bin -> /usr/bin symlink still doesn't exist. What happens if
you run a shell script of the old (still not updated) package?

I think the symlink pointing from /bin to /usr/bin should handle this,
why would the link not be there anymore?

And, can Tumbleweed handle this mess smoothly?

It better, I'll be testing to ensure this works properly :)

- The spec file rewrites
Many spec files contain the hard-coded /lib, /bin or /sbin.
Can we use this as is? Or if the change is needed, can we provide a
macro for sharing the spec for different versions?

The spec files look like they need to be rewritten. First glance, it
"only" looks to be about 250 or so, again, most of this work is already
done for us in the link I posted.


greg k-h
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