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Re: [opensuse-factory] Still openSUSE 12.1 - NetworkManager does it worst....
Am Samstag, 19. November 2011, 14:21:37 schrieb Lew Wolfgang:
As a point of reference, the US Department of Defense has a regulation
mandating that any military service member, Federal civil servant, or
anyone under contract to DoD who has or requires administrative access
to any computer, server, or network appliance has to meet education
requirements and possess industry recognized certifications. This rule
has been on the books since 2005 or so, but is only now being strictly
enforced. The requirements are rather onerous and so regular users
don't want to meet the requirements and are thusly having their root
privileges removed.

Many DoD folks use Linux, and if a user-level system, particularly a laptop,
requires root authentication, expect this to be be a boon to Microsoft.

So DoD wants their users to be able to connect to any network and thus give
that network access to the computer, leaving alone connecting to insecure
networks etc.? Does not make sense to me.

If I want to have a secure laptop within my company I have to restrict network
access to networks I trust. Hence that means that either one must not use NM
for use cases in which security is important, then your point is mute, because
DoD would not use it anyway, neither would any company which wants secure IT.
Or security is important then NM has to offer the possibility to restrict
access to the network and its connections.

As I said before, whether this should be default is something different.

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