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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: 12.1 IPv6 addressing issue
Sebastian Freundt wrote:
I don't know why I picked up your routing table argument, I was originally
talking about the neighbourhood table, aka arp6.

freundt@qaos:pts/2:~> ip -6 neigh | wc -l
freundt@qaos:pts/2:~> ip -6 neigh | grep STALE wc -l
grep: wc: No such file or directory
freundt@qaos:pts/2:~> ip -6 neigh | grep STALE | wc -l

Unless statically configured, those tables are temporary and expire after a short period of time and they are filled automatically via arp in IPv4 or neighbour discovery in IPv6. Unless you are changing IP address extremely frequently, it shouldn't be an issue. Also, how do you know it searches the stale addresses first? It seems to me that if the computer knows the addresses are stale, the active one would be checked first.

Ok, I won't change a route willy-nilly but if someone else came along with
their 4000+ computers using*my* address space there will be trouble, it's
With IPv4, each of those 4000+ computers will have one address. With IPv6, they'd have 2 or 3 with the random address changing occasionally. How is that a significantly greater problem? Also, you don't route to computers on your local network. All addressing there is by MAC address. Routing is used when you go to other networks via the router. But again, the other routers only have to know the route to your network. Then when the packet gets to your network does your router match up the IP address with the MAC address and pass the packet to the final destination.

I for one prefer working with conservative and modest people who think
before they implement their ideas, restricting a /64 to 1 host or
restricting a link to one address (on the router side) is not the worst
idea, if you*really* think about it.

At the basic level, there's not a lot of difference between IPv4 & IPv6. Most of what applies to IPv4 also does to IPv6. Using a single address & NAT is more complex than simply routing a block of addresses.

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