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Re: [opensuse-factory] Unknown Horizons and dependencies submitted to openSUSE:Factory

My apologies to you, Cristian and everyone else who might have felt
offended, it wasn't my intention. Lots of stuff just pilled up until
everything blown up. Really, I've said 100 times I was leaving... and
I'm still here...

Really, it's your playground and your rules. I am not forced to
operate under them, so I'll just pack my stuff and move it to
games:unknown-horizons. No more deprecated packages, no more hassling
people, no more people being offended... Everyone is happy.

For your information, those packages have been updated, and
dependencies that needed to be updated, I've always did it and shared
with the rest of the world. Like I said previously scons is one
example. My work on Banshee repository made it possible that 12.1 and
oS:Factory have fully updated mono stack (thanks to Stephen Shaw)
amongst other things...

If you or anyone else thinks that I have to loose anything, you're
wrong... I'm not on no one's payroll, i take nothing from this except
the joy of seeing things happening and feeling useful. In fact, moving
away makes me earn more free time and less trouble for my head. So
really... keep placing barriers for people. I can't speak for the
others, but only for myself... since when has any of the packages I
maintain become orphaned ?

If what i've done so far isn't worth any credit at all? Haven't I
replied always to people who asked me for help or pointed me that
something was being done wrong?


2011/11/14 Stefan Seyfried <stefan.seyfried@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 14.11.2011 10:58, Nelson Marques wrote:

2011/11/13 Sven Burmeister <sven.burmeister@xxxxxxx>:
Am Sonntag, 13. November 2011, 21:47:38 schrieb Nelson Marques:
Ok, request withdraw.

Ignore this contribution and have a pleasant day. I don't need to
waste more time aroudn this.
Why are you that annoyed by people presenting you facts? It's not like they

Because it seems rules only apply when people want it...

Nelson, I think you are unfair to Cristian.

AFAICT Cristian is one of the guys caring for the state the whole
Factory ecosystem is in. He is fixing lots of packages and doing
"janitorial" work.

He just voiced his concerns.

He knows - probably even better than you do - that there are worse
offenders in the repository. However, he probably wants to make the
situation better in the long run as opposed to have it deteriorate further.

Probably he is open to your arguments. "The dependency was already there
in the games repo and I did not want to break it" sounds perfectly fine
for me. Probably something to put on a TODO list of items to check
later, but for now a valid argument.

He did not tell you to go away (at least that's how I read his mails),
he just took a look at the involved packages and at first glance spotted
some things that made him curious.
Actually - I have not looked at the packages, but Cristians points
sounded valid for me - as did your responses.

So in other words, I'm wasting my time trying to improve things, when

no one else gives a damn... I'm sure it's my own problem... In fact
I'm just realizing how stupid I am for putting time in things, because
there's no recognition at all...

I think you are wrong here. Cristian actually does care, that's why he
even looked at the stuff.

I might of course be totally misreading his mails. Cristian, if you
wanted to say "Nelson, go away with this" then please correct me ;-)

Best regards,
Stefan Seyfried

"Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body!"
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