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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE Factory on ARM is alive!


This week, a group of Hack week participants have sat together and
bootstrapped openSUSE Factory for ARM, namely for armv5tel (soft floating
point with thumbs) and for armv7hl (hard floating point with aapcs-linux ABI).
This seems to be the common cross-distro standard, the recent Fedora15 porting
activities also targetted armv7hl.

The status is at the moment:

- We have at the moment over 1700 packages succeeded. A test on real hardware
shows that the packages are running fine. Many more packages should come over
the next few hours, as low-level dependencies are finally building and now
will enable the build of the rest of the distro.

- We have one hard issue: gcc 4.6 seems to miscompile on armv5tel something
that causes the rpm database to corrupt very quickly, which means that no
packages can build in a regular chroot, which sets up the rpm database but
corrupts it, so the rpmbuild then fails.

As a workaround, we're building armv5tel with gcc 4.4, which works fine. Thiis
is not a permanent solution yet, we need to find the actual problem.

- We have a few failures in packages. Looking at them, most of them are caused
by threading issues (e.g. failing testsuites), because building under usermode
qemu does not have a good thread emulation, and it often fails or simply
crashes. This seems to be a hard issue, we can only solve that by building
either in system qemu (which seems to be too slow to use) or by building with
real hardware. We currently plan to use real hardware.

At the moment, problematic parts can be disabled with a

%if !%qemu_user_space_build


Everyone is invited to take a look at the failures and help fixing them.
building packages locally is easy, if you have "qemu" installed. we recommend
to use the qemu from openSUSE:Tools:Unstable, as it has a couple of fixes we
noticed that we need for proper building. These fixes are hopefully soon in
the factory version.

We document status + common problems + how to particpate here:

Please join!

Adrian, Alexander, Dirk and Reinhard.
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