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Re: The sda thing again (wrong thread) Re: [opensuse-factory] Games
On Thursday 15 September 2011 19:36:13 Tim Edwards wrote:

Solid was new for KDE 4, and was aimed specifically at making changes
like the switch from hal to udev easier. As far as I am aware, KDE 3
has no such abstraction layer, so doing the change would require more
substantial changes to more parts.

KDE3 has mediamanager which can have different backends, one being hal
backend and the other being fstab/mtab backend

Here's the source-code to the mediamanager fstab backend if anyone's

Recently I made a huge patch to it which can be found in KDE:KDE3 repository:

Without this patch the picture is incomplete.

If you have a look at FstabBackend::guess you can see it tries all sorts
of hacks and tricks based on the mountpoint, fs type or device node path
to try to determine the type of device. And begins with the warning "//
Guessing device types by mount point is not exactly accurate...".

Interesting, but I'd be amazed if this even worked properly when KDE3
was current. Plus, pretty much everyone would've used the HAL backend as
that's what the distro's provided. And the code hasn't been touched for
5 years now..

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