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Re: [opensuse-factory] No bmca module in Milestone 5?
On 03/09/11 01:29, Tim Edwards wrote:

On Sat, 03 Sep 2011 01:13 +1000, "Basil Chupin"<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Typical friendly response,
I was being polite if you really want to know.

no wonder this project is always crying out
for more testers. How about you get over yourself and learn some social
skills, having an email appear in the wrong thread in your mail client
is really the end of the world isn't it?
My mail client threads mail correctly - always has.

Re social skills: post your questions to the correct threads and not
hi-jack an existing thread with your brain-dead "webmail", or whatever,
you called it.

Look at the details in the Header(s)s of (a) message(s) and you will see
things which you have never seen before I will guarantee.

FWIW it was the webmail I'm using, I'm not trying to hijack your thread.
It's not "my" thread.

The the problem lies at your end and not mine.

You were replying to some post with an ID of
<1314941695.28132.2.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> and which has nothing to do
with this thread.

Where did you find the post to which your "webmail" thingie was replying?

Issue closed anyway, there's now a 3.0.0-4.1-desktop which looks like it
has bcma ('bmca' in my email was a typo).
That's nice to know.

Here we go again. I know how list threading works, I know I made a
mistake - guess what, it happens!

A polite response would've been something like "Please be careful
with posting, you've used the message ID of another thread and that
breaks threading", and would've got a polite response. You took it upon
yourself to show off your poor social skills instead.

If I came on here regularly and stuffed up the threading you'd be
entitled to have a go at me, but I don't. This was my first post in a
long while and I made one little mistake. The amount of grief I've got
for that is disproportionate, just let it go. Honestly, no wonder so few
people actively participate in projects like this.


That's your story and you are sticking to it, right? OK, fine.

My use of the message ID does in no way explain why the Subject heading of your post is totally different to the Subject heading of this thread, does it?

Think about it.


Bob Hope's wife: "Where would like to be buried when you die?"
Bob Hope : "Why don't you surprise me!"

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