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Re: [opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed systemd does not allow my computer to boot with /usr on a separate partition
On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 07:42:16PM -0400, Greg Freemyer wrote:
On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 7:05 PM, Cristian Rodríguez
<crrodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
El 20/06/11 18:30, Greg Freemyer escribió:

Specifically related to upgrading servers to 12.1 and future openSUSE
versions, what are you arguing for as relates to existing installs
that have a separate /usr?  (I suspect I have several of those in the
stone-age category, so I really do care about the answer.)

On Upgrade, I would expect sysvinit users to remain so, with no change,
and systemd for clean, new installations.

If true, that has a huge impact on this whole thread (group of
threads). I know I've been assuming a more or less forced migration
even for existing installs that want to upgrade to 12.1.

The kick-off email for this said "switching boot manager is not a
trivial task and
issues will be found."

Can one of the sysvinit / systemd maintainers say what their proposed
plan is for upgrades? for new installs?

As maintainer of sysvinit (here and also upstream) the only thing
I can say the major problem is IMHO not sysvinit nor systemd. That
is if we analyse the systemd warning about /usr we will detect udevd
or better the udev rules which uses tools for hardware detection
located below /usr, see alsa for an example, here you'll find firmware
to load below /usr/share/alsa/firmware/ also the alsactl is located
at /usr/sbin/, for a short check just do

grep '"/usr' /{lib,etc}/udev/rules.d/*

now make clear that those rules will be expanded at boot time
before a potential /usr partition is mounted.

One solution could be that udevd just check for the mount points and
collect all rules depending on e.g. /usr as an own mount point to
be executed *after* /usr is mounted.

An other solution could be that the udev rules will be tagged
by dependency rules in the same scheme as the boot and runlevel
scripts. The udevd have to wait for this rules on those scripts
to become fulfilled.

Without this then with both systemd and sysvinit can not avoid
the trouble due expanded rules depending on /usr tools and data.
The only difference is that systemd is warning about a separate
/usr partition.

If the udevd or udev rules will not be fixed an upgrade of a system
with a separate /usr will require initramfs support for more than
the root files system, this includes that sulogin and at last but
not least the root password will become part of the initrd to
avoid an unsecure emergency shell prompt.

For a new installation I personally prefer that /usr is located
on the same partition as / but /var, /tmp, and /boot are sparate
partitions. The last choice /boot depends on the boot loader
and the CMOS support for large disks, if grub would be able to
support large disks/SSDs and the my prefered file system type
then /boot could be part of / )


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