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Re: [opensuse-factory] ADSL and Opensuse 12.1
On 06/03/2011 08:10 AM, jdd wrote:
Le 03/06/2011 00:55, Juan Erbes a écrit :

I do'nt know how You configures the dsl connexion, if one of the
needed packages is not present on the dvd, and Yast do'nt saves the
dsl configuration, because that. This is for the case when I must to

present dsl box in France are all of the ethernet make. They have two modes:
bridge (the login is made by the ISP equipment dhcp) or router
(the login is made by the box dhcp). only ISDN or phone line (56k) modems need
other help. In any case the authentification is dobne by the
dsl box, not by the user.

we had some time ago usb modems but I never had one. I don't know how does work
other countries (but I know many people in France try to
use the dsl yast module and of course fail, so why I explain that for the


A usb dsl modem simply uses usb to communicate instead of the network ie.your internet comes through a usb port instead of ethx. The yast dsl setup is used for additional dsl connections eg. if you have a special gaming account as well as a normal account with your service provider/isp and you need to have a pppoe tunnel through your existing internet connection to connect with this account. The authentication in this case is performed on your computer as it would with a dial up modem. I've used a dsl router that had network and a usb port which was so simple to use that I cannot remember what the name of the device created when the usb was connected was. I simply used this connection to setup the network ports on the router, didn't need the yast dsl module which sets up devices called dslx. I think Juan should, with his modem connected, post the output from "sudo hwinfo --usb --pppoe --network --bridge --dsl --modem --usb" to give us an idea of what the device he's trying to set up is, the name and model would also help. It's possible (I don't know of one) that the device is dumb usb to wan device that requires you to setup a tunnel and authenticate from your computer.

Dave P
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