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Re: [opensuse-factory] Systemd by default
On 2011/05/29 19:29 (GMT+0200) Markus Slopianka composed:

Bruno Friedmann composed:

Tim I'm also in favor of that, but before becoming the default
systemd has to support fully ...

For a release: yes. But Factory isn't meant to be stable anyway, so a few
hickups here and
there are tolerable in Factory and would help not only exposing missing aspects
but also
would help to not put integration work on the back burner. ;-)

I agree with Kay's assessment. My opinion of the Novell staff cutbacks during the 11.3 cycle is that little was left but a maintenance skeleton unable to fully cope with such >minimal changes as KMS, Grub2 & systemd without giving up the non-bleeding-edge reliability most openSUSE users expect even after the death of SaX2 that shortly followed in its wake. I don't believe required resources are or will be made available to make a systemd-dependent release ready with the scheduled release of 12.1, especially if Grub2 also gets scheduled for full support. After seeing what Fedora has been going through, I don't think anything short of a systemd-only fork with freedom to take as long as necessary could ever result in an openSUSE release that won't make an unreasonable number of upgraders wish they hadn't, or jump ship to something that has retained the sysvinit they know works.

I'd much rather a boot that takes up to 3 minutes than a quick-to-boot system incapable of doing all the many things that had been working fine for many years, and already as of 11.3 don't.

Newer != better. Time spent dealing with or hampered by brokenness, and grasping & retaining an entirely new set of 12-20+ character long system control commands, far outweighs mere seconds gained at boot time.
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