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Re: [opensuse-factory] EOL feature
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On 2011-05-27 22:37, Bryen M. Yunashko wrote:

Only one way, more communication about it.
Was on opensuse-security, on -project, on lizards, but seems insufficient.

And I dropped the ball on getting an article written up on news.o.o
which would have propogated over to Forums. Mea culpa!

But that doesn't solve the problem completely, because there are users
for sure who do not follow the news of openSUSE in any of its various
forms. I was a user of openSUSE for several years before I even began
to get involved in the community and read the news about openSUSE stuff.
So, any news article will not reach all users.


The idea of a warning system of some kind as the current version nears
EOL is an interesting idea, but there's going to have to be a way to do
it without freaking out a user who panics at the sight of any warning or
suspects this must be malware (on Windows, this is the kind of warning
that malware thrives on.)

They are already freaking when package kit complains several times per hour
with a popup complaining that it con not reach a repository.

If we know that local email to root works on all systems, that would be
enough. But to all users, perhaps.

Ahhh! My system is spamming me!


The warning method would have to be "disable-able" too for
administrators if openSUSE is deployed in large environments or support
staff will get inundated with needless calls from panicked workers when
they already know and have a plan for migration. :-)

Yes, absolutely. And it should mention how to disable the package kit
applet and where to get further info, like an EOL link that is created at
the appropriate time with info on how to upgrade, where to get help, etc.

The packagekit applet that is already pesking us could do this job. It
could trigger on a date, then check for existence of the EOL link at, then not check for repos, or do and do not complain, and post
the info to the user, who then can click on R&U, go away.

If that is not possible, a weekly cron job, a script. Thus easy to disable.

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