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Re: [opensuse-factory] Chromium as the default browser in the next release?
On 2011/03/22 16:36 (GMT-0300) Cristian Rodríguez composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

as is excessively minimalist.

Which is probably one of its best features.

So "good" that the stripped Mozilla called Firefox isn't my default browser either. SeaMonkey, which needs no extensions for me to use, is.

Chrome by default is more of a web application interface than a web browser. Some of us don't need an application interface to get the information they need off the web, but I, as well others who initiated their web lives using Netscape, do need certain traditional browsing tools to find and use that information as I see fit, and those tools must be usable, which means legible regardless of actual display DPI. Chromium's (and Webkit's) developers have yet to show any signs they know the meaning of resolution independence, much less its importance.

it's incapable of rendering web page objects life
size except by accident (only on displays with an actual physical DPI of

Which is an irrelevant minor annoyance.

To most I'm sure, but not to those who depend on accuracy, and their computer and operating system not lying to them about what they see.
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