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Re: [Bulk] Re: [opensuse-factory] boot partition does not unmount cleanly on openSUSE 11.4
On 03/12/2011 01:54 PM, Lew Wolfgang wrote:
On 03/12/2011 10:31 AM, Roman Bysh wrote:
On 03/12/2011 04:49 AM, jdd wrote:
Le 12/03/2011 10:15, Kostas Koudaras a écrit :

Why is that?
People told me that separate the disk on boot-swap-home is the best
way to install a linux system.
should be root-swap-home, not *b*oot

boot is only needed if you have some special root filesystem grub is
not able to read from start (but this may be quite common: LVM or
RAID, for example)


I added /boot because I wanted to try out btrfs and xfs.

For what it's worth, I started configuring /boot as a 100-MB partition
with ext2 when grub started having problems with reiserfs. Now I use
xfs for all non-boot partitions, which has been treating me well with
file-systems as large as 30-TB.

I haven't tried btrfs, how is it for large file-systems with many large
(~2-GB) files?


Max file size 16 EiB
Max number of files 264
Max filename length 255 bytes
Max volume size 16 EiB

Check out the following link for btrfs info:


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