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Re: [opensuse-factory] licence status
On 02/09/2011 12:41 AM, Joerg Schilling wrote:
Dave Plater <davejplater@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Now you are prodding me a bit too hard. I maintain multimedia:libs and I
know that those libs mostly libcdio are used in the backend of most, if
not all media players.
How many years have you known this and how long ago was it that you
informed upstream and a reference to the report is needed because you

As mentioned before, this has been discovered and published by the Sun legal
department in 2006. Why don't you know about the problems?

have proven yourself not very good at unbiased factual communication
maybe it was the wording of your bug report, you did use a bug report?.
By unbiased I'm referring to the influence that your ego has.
Which other major distros are you informing about this or is this a
vendetta against openSUSE? Or do we have a case that openSUSE is too
lenient with your illogical licensing statements and inflammatory comments.

I am sorry to see that you seem to be very biased. Why do you attack me
of trying to have a fact based discussion?

You have put the license status of a major library in question. That is
an attack. You don't want me to attack you. I will slander and libel you
across the internet and press, believe me I have nothing except a very
creative imagination and afaic all is fair in love and war. This will be
Why can't you answer my questions why does the first statement you made
accuse me of attacking you, it only gives credence to the statement "You
have proven yourself not very good at unbiased factual communication"
read through this thread and tell me if anything constructive has come
of this so called discussion. There's still a standoff between the
patent holder of cdrtools and no hope of resolution. What are you really
trying to achieve with your provocative comments?
Dave Plater

It's not biased, I can see the possible consequences of a statement like
yours on this list. openSUSE attempts to adhere to the law to the best
of it's abilities and you are attempting to put a major library in legal
doubt. Why not do this to all the major linux distros at once or are you
I don't know what linux and openSUSE has done to you in the past.
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