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Re: [opensuse-factory] licence status
On 02/06/2011 05:21 AM, Rajko M. wrote:
On Saturday, February 05, 2011 07:13:50 pm Dave Plater wrote:

AFAIK there's no such license as GPL anyway so rpmlint should fail on it.

GPL without version string, doesn't differ from GPLvX+ (GPL version X or
As in software, and I suspect, as in law, it should refer to the latest valid

(How good idea is to give someone else power to decide what is happening with
your software is another topic.

GPL versions are introduced to allow people to refer to particular set of
rules, not some unknown future version, so those that use GPLvX+ exclude
earlier, but still accept something that can develop in direction they don't

The problem is that openSUSE have strict rules for the license field
which have to be adhered to for packages in the main distribution and
unsuspecting budding packagers may run up against them by putting the
wrong information in the license field after using the spec file as an
example. An rpmlint check such as this would save time for legal review
and also catch any older packages, that are incorrectly licensed when
they are updated. It would be nice if it was "ok" to put a plain
ambiguous "GPL" in the license field, I think that "MIT" is most
probably the easiest in this respect. I perceive that the (L)GPL
continually evolves in an attempt to allow opensource developers to
create work and at the same time benefit if their work is recognised by
the sharks of this world, that make such licensing necessary. MIT on the
other hand is for those that are qualifying in some academic field and
the work they are developing is their thesis.
IMHO these are the only necessary opensource licenses. The others,
except for the WTFPL which is for developers who are sick of all this
licensing *@#&%, are either throwbacks from the past or attempts to have
one foot in the commercial world and one foot in opensource.

Dave P
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