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Re: [opensuse-factory] licence status
On 02/05/2011 07:19 PM, Christian Boltz wrote:
c) BOFH method: create a whitelist or blacklist of licenses and let
rpmlint fail the build for unclear license strings like just "GPL".
Needless to say that this should be done after 11.4 is branched,
otherwise we'd have to delay the release ;-)

Most probably the most efficient method. The license field used to
change from eg. "GPLv2 or later" to GPLv2+ when a package hit factory
pre 11.3 time. I noticed this and now I simply change every spec file I
work on like that. I don't touch any other license's field only GPL and
LGPL, I do the same thing with tabs in the first part of the spec file,
they also change to spaces, I used to use tabs now I use spaces,
otherwise if I view the diff between devel and factory, it's difficult
to read when there are tabs against spaces.

AFAIK there's no such license as GPL anyway so rpmlint should fail on it.

Dave P
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