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Re: [opensuse-factory] Fwd: [opensuse-multimedia] wodim/cdrecord
Graham Anderson <graham.anderson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The people on this list should read this Arch ml thread where Jörg goes on to
accuse Eben Moglen of lieing. This guy is a class A troll, and this will be
the last thing I post to this thread.

And now then, here is where Eben Moglen _explicitly_ states that the CDDL and
the GPL v2 are incompatible unless express permission was granted by Jörg
(which he refused to do).

"while CDDL Section 3.6 permits combination with code
under other licenses, it nonetheless requires that "the requirements
of this License are fulfilled for the [combined program]." Since it
is impossible to observe certain requirements of the CDDL while
simultaneously respecting the GPL's prohibition of additional
restrictions (GPLv2 Section 6), the CDDL Section 3.6 permission is
insufficient to allow the combination."

And here is the full communication so you can see the context.

Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 11:24:23 -0500
From: Eben Moglen

In September 2008, I was asked by Mark Shuttleworth if I could help
Canonical discuss with Jörg the measures necessary to include cdrtools

Please stop trolling!

Moglen is not telling the truth and this can be proven by disclosing the
personal mail with him!

I did never have a phone call with Moglen. This is an easy way to identify the

What really happened is the following:

In Summer 2008, I had a personal discussion with Mark Shuttleworth at OSCON in
Oregon and Shuttleworth promised to help in the cdrtools case. He told me that
he knows the Sun lawyers and that he would be able to get statements from them
on why they are sure that there is no problem and get permission to disclose
the results from the license review done inside Sun.

Shuttleworth then asked whether Moglen would also be a possibility. I replied
to Shuttleworth in 2008, that I already know Moglen as a person that gives
legally correct statements only in private and at the same time claims the
converse in the public. For this reason we agreed on that if Moglen would be
asked, Moglen needs to write down a legally correct reasoning in case that he
would come to conclusion that there is a problem.

In August 2008, Shuttleworth had a phone call with Moglen and in September
Moglen and I did have a conversation about cdrtools. At the end of that
conversation, Moglen confirmed that there is no legal problem with cdrtools,
that he does not need any further information and that he will write down a
paper that confirms this state and that could be published. As Moglen alsi
confirmed that the web pages from the FSF were wrong, I asked him kindly
whether he could be ask Stallman to correct the claims from the web pages and
Moglen confirmed to do this.

A month later (after talking to Stallman) Moglen suddenly claimed that there is
a problem with cdrtools and that I would need to sign a contract. He did this
while sending self-contradicting claims and he did never explain why he did
change his mind. As I had a contract with Shuttleworth that Moglen would need
to give an in depth explanation in case he would see a problem, I asked Moglen
to do his job and to send the required explanataion. Moglen refused to do this
repeatedly, then stopped working on it completely.

It is obvious that Moglen did not finish his job, as he did not write down a
legally provable explanation. I still have his private explanation on why there
is no problem.

It seems that Moglan cannot be used as a helpful person as he did not do his
and as he later published false claims of what happened in the past.

Anyway, while Moglen _was_ sending explanations (in private to me) he was fully
aligned with the statemens of the other lawyers I know and with the Sun legal


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