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Re: [opensuse-factory] bad zypper lu
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2010 11:49:44 -0400
  • Message-id: <4CB08F18.3010207@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 2010/10/09 15:57 (GMT+0200) Marcus Meissner composed:

On Sat, Oct 09, 2010 at 03:18:17PM +0200, Carlos E. R. wrote:

On Friday, 2010-10-08 at 23:54 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:

On 2010/10/09 03:02 (GMT+0200) Carlos E. R. composed:

multiversion = provides:multiversion(kernel)

This line, AFAIK, doesn't work. You have to list every kernel
related package name, separated by commas.

The only difference between that line and the one provided in the rpm
that put zypp.conf there originally is I removed the # from the start of
line. The line is there originally to provide an example of something
works, suggesting that uncommenting it will cause the originally
kernel to remain available when a newer one gets installed.

I know, but it doesn't work....
Aparently, they don't "do this".

For me it does work on approximately 30 11.2, 11.3 & Factory partitions,
doesn't work on zero.

For me, it doesn't work on 3/3 11.2 tested. Yast/You doesn't see it and
simply updates one kernel with the newer kernel. The radio buttons should
be replaced with click boxes, but that doesn't happen unless I list all
kernel packages one by one instead of the documented "provides:..." line
above. And several posts in the forum concur with this.

cer@Telcontar:~> rpm -q kernel-desktop

cer@Telcontar:~> rpm -q --provides kernel-desktop | grep -i multiversion

No multiversion provided. See?

This is new with 11.3.

"This" meaning the provides:multiversion(kernel) syntax is new? Is the old
syntax still valid for 11.3+? What if one wants say only one kernel-default,
but multiversion for kernel-desktop? To get this last time what I did was set
a lock on kernel default prior to doing zypper dup in Factory.

In 11.2 you need to adjust /etc/zypp//zypp.conf to have:

multiversion = kernel-desktop,kernel-desktop-extra

or similar.

Now I see I wasn't clear enough in replying to Carlos. A major point I
intended was that uncommenting the example in the rpm-provided zypp.conf
file, regardless whether 11.2 or 11.3+, would cause the existing kernel to be
retained on installation of a newer kernel of same name by zypper.
"The wise are known for their understanding, and pleasant
words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

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