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[opensuse-factory] Gross bugs in GM
  • From: "Silviu Marin-Caea" <silviumc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 20:03:58 +0300
  • Message-id: <1279472638.20274.1385458343@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
This is a vent, but it's serious.

Every time a GM comes out with gross bugs, I have feelings of
hopelessness and inadequacy with regards to my beta testing of openSUSE.
It's like I haven't done enough, didn't take good care and the baby was
born retarded.

Gross bug number 1
LiveCD KDE4, boot as Live system then click "Install".
At the end of installation, during "Saving boot loader" phase, a loud
alarm comes out of the PC speaker and installation doesn't proceed.
Tried twice, it reproduces exactly the same. The computer is not
frozen, I can use it. Check out processes with "top", see that "scr
stdout scr" is taking up a lot of CPU. Kill "scr", installation resumes
as normal, although the PC Speaker remains on and loud until reboot. I
have verified that my BIOS doesn't have some bullshit "Antivirus
protection" for MBR. The boot loader is set to be installed to PBR
Ok, so I was able to work around this because I'm a sysadmin.
But the question remains: What Would A Linux Newbie Do?
Well, he would have to:
- know how to access the console: [Ctrl+Alt+Fx]
- know the command "top"
- know ps axw | grep scr
- know kill pid_of_scr
Welcome to Linux, newbie! Have a lot of fun!

Gross bug number 2
On this computer, I also have Windows.
While in KDE, I click "Restart Computer" and choose "Windows" so next
boot is directly into Windows. This works, then it works, then it
works, then it works. It boots directly into Windows every fucking time
I reboot the computer, no GRUB menu for me.
In this case, I don't know yet what to do to work around this. I'll use
Google and probably solve it, but the question is still there and it

What Would a Linux Newbie Do?

And yeah, I'll go through the motions, open bugs in Bugzilla, keep the
faith, gather hope for the future...
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