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Re: [opensuse-factory] Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) for openSUSE.
  • From: Stefan Dirsch <sndirsch@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 12:04:52 +0100
  • Message-id: <20091204110452.GA12588@xxxxxxx>
On Fri, Dec 04, 2009 at 10:59:49AM +0100, Egbert Eich wrote:
The idea is that the install script for the proprietary driver would
set the global NO_KMS_IN_INITRD sysconfig variable or blacklist exactly
those PCI ids in /etc/kms/<drm_driver_name>.blacklist and rerun mkinitrd.

BTW, in which sysconfig file should this variable be set? Apparently it's
added by any of your patches, only checked in

I've been thinking about the blacklisting some more. It's very easy
to get the system inconsistent when we have different sort of blacklistings.

modprobe supports blacklisting per driver (not per modalias or any wildcared
variant thereof). If we are willing to scarifice per device ID blacklisting
we should simply go with the blacklisting modprobe supports.
If we also make sure that options listed in /etc/modprobe.d/* are copied
to initrd for the drivers copied to it then

- The user can disable KMS (per driver) by adding the a line
options <drivername> modeset=0 to /etc/modprobe.d/options
- ATI (as an example) can simply ship a file containing the line
blacklist radeon
and dump it into /etc/modprobe.d/ to prevent loading the radeon driver.
rerunning mkinitrd will generate a new initrd without the radeon module.

Makes perfectly sense to me. ATI can run mkinitrd in %postin.

If we want black listing or option listing based on PCI Ids we'd have
to provide a script which scans the hardware and adds appropirate entries
to /etc/modprobe.d/. It would have to be rerun every time the hardware

Assuming that drivers themselves provide such a blacklist file, this script
could be run in %postin of such a driver package.

Expanding modprobe to perform such a mapping might be possible but I
don't want to go this route without soliciting for feedback on


One reason for the vendors of proprietary drivers prefering to write
'nomodeset' to menu.list instead directly could be that this kind of works
Fedora, Ubuntu and openSUSE. Until it gets overwritten again on openSUSE
by the next kernel update or similar. Not sure whether changes in menu.lst
safe on Fedora/Ubuntu. Could be.

nomodeset will prevent KMS from being activated it will not prevent the driver
from being loaded. Two different things.
I would think what I suggested above will also work universally and doesn't
involve tedious line parsing in menu.lst.

I agree. So the approach for the proprietary drivers is to ship a modprobe.d
file blacklisting the opensource DRm modules to prevent them being loaded and
added to initrd.

Best regards,

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