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[opensuse-factory] Czech packagers Team meeting minutes 2009-08-11
  • From: Petr Gajdos <pgajdos@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 12:24:28 +0200
  • Message-id: <200908171224.33680.pgajdos@xxxxxxx>
Czech Packagers Team meeting minutes 2009-08-11

Present: matejek, mseben, mvyskocil, pgajdos, sbrabec

Minutes: pgajdos

(1) New Teamlead
We have had a first meeting with our new teamlead, mvyskocil.

(2) Our Future Direction
In the future, our shrinked team should concentrate mainly on SLE packages
only. We will need Help from community with openSUSE packages.

(3) libgtkstylus
sbrabec have reimplemented libgtkstylus project and added new features:
support for middle mouse button and filtering enter/leave events.

You are encouraged to try new libgtkstylus, find tarball at

(4) Python Noarch Modules
Thanks to matejcik, there will be possibility to build noarch python modules
in 11.2. This is, among others, a next step to unify SUSE Package Conventions
with Fedora Packaging Guidelines.

For more details, see

(5) Status Reports
* closed [Bug 521849] Evince or Xpdf freeze (endless loop) opening some PDF
* diffstat update to 1.48
* libpng update to 1.2.39
* ITO: rational B├ęzier curves for kig

- perl modules: fixed #527387
- pciutils: fix #529469
- cfengine: fixed #523789

privoxy : bnc#504332 closed as won't fix, reporter use own startup script
dx : bnc#525987 fixed, dx not linking with imagemagic
cpio : bnc#523357 fixed, added further densities from mt_st package
virtualbox-ose : bnc#528310 fixed, fix of vboxdrv.rules
fixed bug reports from S. Bindermann : use fclose to close fd
(bnc#523301), fix missing call of closedir() (bnc#523346)

created package guitarix (effects processor for electric guitar) for
multimedia:apps, also pushed two patches to upstream

many packages: Version updates.
gstreamer*: Packaging new dependencies.
libchipcard3, libchipcard4, gwenhywfar: Fixing gwenhywfar version dependency
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