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Re: [opensuse-factory] Metadiscussion about KDE 4 thread
  • From: Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2008 19:44:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <873ak99puc.fsf@xxxxxxx>
Felix-Nicolai Müller <fnmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Andreas Jaeger schrieb:
Felix-Nicolai Müller <fnmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Andreas Jaeger schrieb:
You never will be able to reach everybody, even if you go to the
forums. Should we really vote for every decisions? Or just for
critical ones and who defines critical?
Just critical ones. Critical is everything that is a core
component. No, I will never be able to reach everybody. As this is the
case for any questionaire, I guess we should stop asking at all?
Because this would be a logical consequence.


We have to discuss stuff and that means those doing work have to ask.
But if we great such a high bar for them they might not ask anymore -
that's my problem. How to do it in a convenient way on the one hand -
and how to reach a critical and representative group of people?

I do want same recipes on what to do - you know developers want
algorithms ;-)

So, what about the following for openSUSE 11.2:
* we ask for ideas to implement and collect them in some tool
* we will after some time close the tool for new ideas and give
everybody the chance to review the list
* Michael and Coolo will go through it and comment:
+ This is something we like to get in openSUSE, who will stepup doing
- this is something we first want to see upstream, how to get it
done there?
- this is something we consider a bad idea
* We discuss these during a public IRC meeting and on a mailing list
* We prioritize the things and community or Novell engineers can commit
to do one of the selected features (also in colloboration, with
* Each step is announced on news.o.o

Would that work? If not, the only critique that I accept is
constructive: Write down a better algorithm ;) And if I misunderstood
the problem the write one to solve your problem.

True reasons? There's nothing to hide: Check how many bugs the
kde-maintainers@xxxxxxx list has assigned, see the work for KDE3 and
KDE4, assume a fixed number of Novell engineers working on KDE - and
then it's an evaluation what to do: Support both KDE 3 and KDE 4? Or
spend all energy on KDE 4? Or be the only current distribution that
works only on KDE3?
I could _know_ if... well, you know the drill. This is running in
circles. So it is a Novell thing, a KDE group thing, a combination of
both. Those numbers don't show the actual position of the
people. Well, as it was pointed out thiese things work for gnome, I
don't really understand what the fear is to do it similar with KDE.
I believe as of today at least to me it does not matter anymore.

You lost me completely - what do you reference GNOME here?

How much BS, traps and effort do I have to go through in order to be
_able_ to contribute? And how can it be expected from me to contribute

There shouldn't be any BS and traps and little effort - but
unfortunately in some areas it's still too much effort.
So I guess it will stay that way?

With "it's still too much effort" I intented to say: Yes, this is today
too much effort IMO - but that has to change.

in all areas (maintain KDE3, talk to the community and cope with
usabillity)? How much can and do you want to ask for? It's not like this
is my entire life or if I'd get money out of this to live from.

Anybody can only contribute as much time as they have - you can do a lot
with an odd hour here and there IMO.
Not for openSUSE, sorry.

Why not?

I hope this answers you questions. I hope you can answer mine.

Not fair, you wrote much more than I did ;)
sorry again

You ask many questions - some of them seem to me rhetoric. If you like
to have an answer to ones that I missed, please ask clearly again,
rehtoric? OK, I really hope not.

If there were not rhetoric questions at all in your lengthy email, then
I misunderstood you and we do not communicate at all ;-(

Andreas Jaeger, Director Platform / openSUSE, aj@xxxxxxx
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