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Re: [opensuse-factory] Just one question about plane to release openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.1
  • From: Felix-Nicolai Müller <fnmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 12:08:30 +0100
  • Message-id: <47D1222E.5030608@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Martin Schlander schrieb:

| No final decision has been made yet. But the reasoning is probably
that it's
| assumed that most users will want KDE4.x. Despite it's obvious and
| shortcomings, KDE4.0 also has a lot of nice things. The devs are
working hard
| to make it as usable as possible. You can help with feedback and testing.
Wow, I thought the decision had been made. I thought because it would
seem inconsistent to tell people to be an KDE4 early adaptor in 10.3 but
~ to not use KDE4 per default in 11.0.
So this is good news.
| KDE3 will under all circumstances be an option on the dvd, and
possibly even
| on a special KDE3 cd.
That is good to hear too.
| Might also want to keep track of this wiki page:
I was not aware of that page.

Just my general point of view.
There are very clear main reasons for switching from Windows to openSUSE
from what I see heuristically:
1. Easy to set up hardware (ironically)
2. A system that just works
3. Getting ridd of the feeling that one is being watched.

Eye candy is just a secondary factor. What matters most to any user is a
stable system. Yes, users tend to play with eyecandy once everything
works, yes, they want to have the bleeding edge stuff like KDE4, but
foremost, they want a stable system. The eye candy that KDE4 supplies
will most likely not be used anyways, as users will want to use
compiz-fusion instead, as they have heard more about it and this app
focuses on eye candy (so it must be better in some eyes).

Having KDE4 as main DE has got several backdrafts:
1. It is not ready.
2. It takes a lot of effort to make it ready.
This solution openSUSE is taking is ugly from a technical standpoint as
mixing kde3 and kde4 programms is just messy. No one really knows how
KDE4 will be changed in the process of developing it and if everything
will really work out compatibillity wise. How to port the Data from KDE3
to KDE4 once the KDE4 app is ready, etc, pp. There will be confusion and
possibly data loss among unexperienced users.
It is also ugly from a users standpoint, as one now has to use KDE3
software in a KDE4 framework. It will probably not look that good, feel
different and break the user feeling of consistent and logical software
(design wise).

So I would like to see stable software that is usability wise consistent
in the end product. Not a mincemeat software that somehow works.
Offering KDE4 to be installed via repo is a valid option imho. Offering
KDE4 and KDE3 at install, too, I just would not give the people the
advice to install KDE4 on a regular box (and therefore I would not make
it default, but a rather deprecated option).

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