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[opensuse-factory] Zypper behaviour - install/update as many packages as possible?
  • From: Alex <one_way@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 05:04:44 +0100
  • Message-id: <200803030504.44733.one_way@xxxxxxxxx>

a few question concerning the new shiny zypper. Definitely, everything has
been pretty fast since the new version has been introduced in factory. I
begin to like it better than any other package management system I have tried
for SUSE over the years.

However, some strange things remain for me:

1. When doing a factory update, zypper always insists on updating a few
packages which definitely are already installed in the newest version. E.g.
for bash or perl-base (and quite a few other packages), zypper with every
update reproducably installs the same version of this packages over and over

2. Dependancies: Are there plans when a less greedy solver stragegy will be
implemented? Right now, everything which is "recommended" will be installed,
or pulled in when doing an update. Thus every factory update takes much time
to download, it takes unnecessary disk space, and basically makes handling a
clean and up-to-date factory system a pain.
Why should I as a non-developper need gdb? Or kdelibs-doc and PolicyKit-doc?
Or Java 1.5 besides 1.6? Why do I need a complete 32bit KDE3 on my 64bit KDE4
system? And so on.

I'm just complaining because right now a simple factory update on my lean
system has resulted in an 1,9 GB / 3h download as proposed by YaST, simply
because zypper deems it necessary to 1) re-install already installed packages
with the same version and 2) install dozens of additional packages I don't
need, and keep on deinstalling all the time.
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