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Re: [opensuse-factory] Partitioner needs overhaul...
  • From: Sid Boyce <sboyce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 13:22:43 +0100
  • Message-id: <4652E093.5070509@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
M9. wrote:
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richard (MQ) schreef:
Hans Witvliet wrote:

As said, use LVM

Used it fist time last week on a 32bits machine, not much experience
with it, but some people advise me to use it, just like now.
with lvm+reiser you can enlarge them on-the-fly, but have to unmount
them for shrinking

How do you move apartition that is large enough?
You shrink the one that is behind it, and then?
Can you perform these tasks while the data is on it?

Seconded, though my preference is for ext3 - downside is the annoying
tendency to do a full check just when you least want it, but on the plus
side it seems more tolerant of dirty umounts

ext checks every 2 month's...reiser checks everything very thouroughly
after hang or crash..
You can use e.g "tune2fs -c 0 /dev/sda1" to stop ext3 doing that.

Have a nice day,

Same to you,
Final remark, for small partitions (<100MB) use ext3, not reiserfs
Surely you mean ext2?

for /boot ext 2 is allright..;-)
And for those that never change (usr, opt) journaling is not needed.

maybe they did not change in the past, but since 10.2, /usr is
growing...(where does it stop? How big should it be made to have room
enough, and not to much.., same for /var, changed the size since 10.0 3
times: too big, made smaller, now in 10.2 it is allready too small,
To make seperate /var/log is a very good idea ;-)
A good point, though presumably journalling has little effect on read
performance so the main effect is a small loss of capacity.

I thought ext3 was the default now on OSL? FWIW, I'd like to see LVM by
default too.

Since reiser is accused of murdering his wife, nobody maintains the fs.. :-(

Totally untrue. Many good reads on the subject out there. reiser2 is not being further developed, but the reiser4 team is very hard at work and they have many customers using reiser4.

Final comment - if changes are made to the YaST partitioner, could I
propose a 'newbie' (simple) mode button:

defaults when set: swap plus single / ext3 partition;
defaults when unset: LVM, separate /boot (ext2), /home (ext3), swap, ...

It could as well suggest all needed partitions, in the proper size :-)

Even Sun has gone away from slicing and dicing large disks into smaller ones. I've heard the arguments about accidentally erasing a partition, but they are all under / and if you rm -rf /, checkmate! I always have / and swap only, even on the largest Sun/Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise systems when I used to do Solaris installs for customers.
What has bitten me a number of times is a faulty IDE port on a number of motherboards when all disks get clobbered, only once did I hit the enter key with, "rm -rf / <directory>" instead of "rm -rf /<directory>", CTRL-C, but lots bullets had gone before I could take my finger off the trigger and data was lost. LVM sidelines the arguments, but backups are the only insurance whatever path you choose.

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