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[opensuse-factory] Update notification via mail
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 00:47:10 +0100
  • Message-id: <200703120047.12332@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

an outstanding feature of the new package management is sending a mail
to root with the available updates listed. Not a problem on a desktop
machine (there's opensuse-updater ;-) , but really needed on a server.

I have written such a application. Well, application is exaggerated -
it's a 10 lines script calling zypp-checkpatches-wrapper + 110 lines of
XSLT stylesheet.

Download: package "patch2mail" on
(also available for factory)

Usage is easy: just install the package ;-)

Every time cron.daily runs, it will send you a mail if updates are

- is sending the mail to root ok or should the mail address be a config
- is it ok to install to /etc/cron.daily directly? (IMHO yes, several
other packages (for example logdigest) do this also.)
- any other ideas?
- will it be included in 10.3? ;-)

On my todo list:
- add a line listing the zypper command to install a specific patch
(ready for copy&paste)

BTW: What is the correct command to install a specific patch?

zypper in -t patch -y yast2-printer
works, but I'd like to include the patch number.

zypper in -t patch -y yast2-printer-2706-0
does not work - "patch 'yast2-printer-2706-0' not found" :-(


Christian Boltz

PS: an example notification mail looks like this:

Update sources:
- SUSE-Linux-10.2-Updates (

=== yast2-printer - Patch 2706-0 (recommended) ===

yast2-printer: show remote printers

This patch will fix several bugs: (#240727) - show also
remote printers (#220712) - if more PPD's are available,
select recommended first (#214243) - suggest PPD file for
the selected printer (#223838) - select proper default queue

=== kernel - Patch 2705-0 (security) ===

Linux Kernel security update.

This kernel update fixes the following security problems:

- CVE-2006-5751: An integer overflow in the networking
bridge ioctl starting with Kernel 2.6.7 could be used by
local attackers to overflow kernel memory buffers and
potentially escalate privileges [#222656]

[... several other issues ...]

Furthermore, it catches up to the mainline kernel, version, and contains a large number of additional fixes
for non security bugs.


Total: 2 updates (1 security)


Ausgaben mit einer 0 sind ok, es sei denn sie sind es nicht.
[Thorsten Haude in suse-linux]
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