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[opensuse-factory] Beta1 install report
  • From: Andras Mantia <amantia@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 21:22:50 +0200
  • Message-id: <200610302122.50945.amantia@xxxxxxx>

I just updated my 10.1 system to 10.2 Beta1 to finally test the
upcoming SUSE and in hope to find bugs and make the final release as
good as possible. ;-)
I used a way for upgrade that is for sure not well tested, namely
System Update from YaST with the downloaded CD ISO images that were not
copied to the hard disk, but were sitting on a DVD. This is all due to
lack of disk space (but I ordered a new HDD today :-)). Good enough,
the installation went quite OK,
aside of two issues, one because of my system (not enough hard disk
space, so some packages were not upgraded, altough I'm sure that the
space would be enough if I would uses --force for rpm), the other one
was a more serious problem:
2006-10-30 20:46:56 <5> stein(5536) [base] THROW: Subprocess faile
d. Error: RPM failed: Updating etc/sysconfig/displaymanager...
2006-10-30 20:46:56 <5> stein(5536) [base]
2006-10-30 20:46:56 <5> stein(5536) [base] ERROR:
SuSEconfig or requested SuSEconfig module not present!
2006-10-30 20:46:56 <5> stein(5536) [base]
2006-10-30 20:46:56 <5> stein(5536) [base]
error: %postun(xgl-cvs_060522-0.13.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit
status 1

Does it worth a bug report or is it known?

So far so good, I rebooted, modified the fstab due to the fact that the
IDE port on Promise chip is still not supported (reported since 10.0,
waiting for the patch to hit the upstream kernel). After the second
reboot, everything looked fine until I started to write this mail. The
KMail composer here is completely broken, and I know it's not a KMail
bug as I used a self compiled SVN version from 3.5.5 branch even before
on 10.1. The problems are:
1) text because invisible in the Subject line after the first space
2) spaces are not shown and cursor jumps erratic from one place to
another, making input impossible. I found that I had set Microsoft Sans
Serif as the composer font and switching to another one (even other MS
fonts) is fine. Did something went wrong with font cache generation?

I can file a report for this as well, but I'm not sure it is a general

Congratulation for now, and I'm going out to hunt for the -devel
packages not on the 5 CDs... ;-)

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