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Re: [opensuse-factory] Multimedia: Which external repositories to use?
  • From: Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 02:34:38 +0200
  • Message-id: <4543F71E.1040001@xxxxxxxxx>
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Alex wrote:
> I know it's a bit OT, but as a factory user I'm kind of wondering which
> packages to use for optimal multimedia experience on OpenSUSE factory. And
> yes, I'm within the legal boundaries of the country where I live ;).

.ru ?

> I'd rather use only the factory packages, as all the "usual suspects" (Guru,
> Packman) are still at 10.1. Do I see it right, however, that using the

Right. Just don't.
IMO Factory is for testing, and I don't see why I would spend a lot of
time recompiling packages again and again for Factory because a
dependency changed there. And changes in Factory are not much announced
(at least not AFAIK), which is fine - it's just not intended for that.

(I'm maintaining the "Guru" repository)

IMO, if you want to use a stable system with mp3 support and all that
stuff, use a stable release.
If you want to contribute by testing Factory and/or alpha/beta releases,
please do so, but you don't need mp3 support to do that.

But hey, that's my opinion, correct me if I'm wrong :)

Now that as 10.2 is feature-freezed since beta1, I could start building
packages against it... if yast didn't just hang/die and require zmd to
do a dirinstall (for whatever reason) :\
Will have to hack it with y2pmsh or smart (or build, if everything else
fails), but it's not a top priority for me ATM.

BTW, base package list for 10.2, anyone ?
grep -E '(Preinstall|Required|Support)' \
/usr/lib/build/configs/sl10.2.conf \
| cut -f2 -d:
sufficient for a build chroot ?

> following should still be used from external repositories, even if at 10.1
> level there:
> mjpegtools / libmusicbrainz / libtunepimp / xine / kaffeine / amarok (this one
> mainly because of the dependancies on other packages)

The amarok package in the Build Service is kind of crippled too, it
doesn't have MySQL nor PostgreSQL support for collections (not for legal
reasons but.. on purpose... whatever that purpose may be ;)).

Also, amarok compiles against libmp4v2... or, well, the SUSE and Build
Service amarok packages don't, for the legal reasons we know of.
amarok uses libmp4v2 to be able to write MP4 tags (it writes MP3 tags
using taglib which, in turn, doesn't link libmad because it uses the id3
tag format on its own).

When you ldd my amarok RPMs:
$ ldd /opt/kde3/bin/amarokapp |grep -E '(mp4|tag)' => /usr/lib64/ (0x00002b5dcd324000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00002b5dce50a000)

libmusicbrainz is not crippled in any way AFAICT.
It uses libtunepimp to do the codec-specific stuff.

kaffeine isn't crippled either, but it uses xine for codec support and
playback so... kaffeine is only crippled if you use a crippled xine.
As an example, you can install kaffeine from the Build Service and it
will play back anything if you use the uncrippled libxine1 package from
That's perfectly legal as kaffeine just delegates to xine and, hence,
can only play what the underlying libxine supports.

> Is there any list on the wiki where an exhaustive list of "potially patent
> encumbered and therefore crippled" packages is given? I only found some
> general information, and would e.g. never have thought that something like
> libtunepimp is also crippled.

libtunepimp has, amongst other things, mp3 and mp4 support, which isn't
compiled into the SUSE package.

> I guess just a simple list without giving hints where to get unencumbered
> packages would be legally OK?

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