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Re: [opensuse-factory] Musings on the New SUSE Menu System
  • From: Rajko M <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 22:36:37 -0500
  • Message-id: <451208C5.2090105@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Jim Pye wrote:
> Here are some of my thoughts on the first look and use of the new SUSE
> Menu system (panel?)
> This is cool however to make it UberCool... :-)
> The default icon graphics are just a little too big meaning that, for
> example, on the Leave page a scroll bar appears that is not really
> neccessary.
> If there is more items than can fit on a page maybe don't have scroll
> bars but use the up down arrows at the top and bottom of the menu area,
> similar to Firefox's bookmarks menu system.
> Don't have the search tips as the default screen when the menu is opened
> each time. Maybe do this once then use the favourites as the default. Or
> even let the user decide.
> Have a config button between the username and the openSUSE button that
> brings up the personal settings relevant to the panel. I found it hard
> to find the correct ones in the KDE configuration. Also under this
> button could be things like editing the favourites, changing icon size,
> etc.
> And finally I think the menu popouts should be automatic. At present I
> have to click on the item to have the sub menu appear. There should be a
> small delay but the item should appear automatically if the cursor if
> held over the item. This is the same behaviour as the classic menu. This
> includes the "back" button as well.
> Any thoughts
> Jim

To add one more annoyance.
Menu should have optional setting not to pop up on hover, but on click.
Last night I edited something and menu popped many times as I pushed
mouse out of editor window, so that I can see text without cursor, and
left close to menu button. I switched to classic KDE style to turn off

I have feeling that menu is too empty. It looks like the one on , but it is a lot of room that you have
to drag mouse over, for nothing.

The search screen usage direction as default is bad, also, because it
disappears right after mouse cursor touches favorites and user (me) has
feeling that something was not right. First time I canceled menu and
came back to it, just to see what happened. Favorites would be good
default choice, instead.

Even better make tabs order configurable, default on first tab from left.

It will be good if type of tab can be configurable too, instead of
fixed. For instance I can live fine without logout options, they are
present on right mouse button long enough to be automatic choice, but I
have many favorites, that are now on the desktop, because I don't like
scrolling. With configurable type of tab I will set two favorites tabs,
and have little need to see the desktop, and even lesser to scroll that
is counter productive to menu idea.

Information who is logged in could be put at the top of the menu window,
just above search. That way mouse mileage can be kept low, login
information will be present and menu will have title line:
openSUSE User:konqui@klempnerai

BTW, from the Kickoff page:
KDE Classic: Suse Linux Professional 10.1 with the common KDE start menu
(KDE 3.5)
KDE KickOff: Suse Linux Professional 10.1 with the new Kickoff start menu

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