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Re: [opensuse-factory] Latest Update on factory tree and 10.2 Alpha 3 experience
  • From: Andreas Hanke <andreas.hanke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 15:00:05 +0200
  • Message-id: <44F19755.3050302@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Michael Brasse schrieb:
> a) With rug I get dependendy problems updating cpp41, gcc41, gcc41-c++,
> gcc41-fortran, gcc41-info,gcc41-objc,libstdc++-41-devel

This is a normal Factory inconsistency which will probably disappear
with the next sync, but others will follow. ;-)

> b) metacity is not usable as window manager for gnome (I currently
> switched to icewm), starting it at the command line I get the following:
> sandmann:/ # metacity --replace
> Window manager warning: Bad key or directory name:
> "ENABLE_WINDOWS_KEYS": Must begin with a slash (/)
> Segmentation fault


> c) At startup I get a message "Gnome Settings Deamon" couldn't be
> started. After trying all solutions which I found, I completely
> reinstalled openSUSE (from the factory tree again), created a new user,
> but unfortunately the problem remained.

Same here. I didn't report it because it is too obvious.

It's probably caused by GNOME being a mix of three versions: 2.12, 2.14,

> d) All yast menu entries (gnome main menu and also in the control
> center) don't force to run yast2 as root. The only way to use yast fully
> is from the command prompt.


> e) The gnome keyboard properties applet crashing when I try to start it.
> I still need to install bug-buddy before I can give more hints. If I
> start it from the console it hints again, that the gnome-settings-daemon
> is not running before crashing.

You can report that, but since it's the consequence of the obvious c),
it's probably not necessary.

> f) NetworkManager doesn't recognize my network devices any more and says
> "no network devices found" so I had to change to the "traditional method
> using ifup" which works fine.

That was the same here (ipw2200), but it suddenly disappeared. Try to
update as many packages as possible.

> Are any of these points visible for other people as well? Are any
> workarounds or solutions known? Shall I report the things as bugs?

Those which are not already reported, yes.

> And beside from that I am struggling with videos (gstreamer doesn't want
> to play .wmv movies even after I played around a lot), opensync and
> evolution, ...

Not being able to play WMV is not a bug; the gstreamer packages in
Factory don't contain the ffmpeg plugin for legal reasons, which would
be needed to play WMV.

The GNOME problems will probably disappear anyway when GNOME is fully
updated to version 2.16.

Andreas Hanke
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