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Re: [opensuse-factory] Bug 177758
  • From: Martin Schlander <suse@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 13:48:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605231348.11255.suse@xxxxxxxxxx>
tirsdag 23 maj 2006 12:33 skrev Pascal Bleser:
> jdd wrote:
> > can't you beleive most users have _not_ the problem you have?
> Can't *you* believe *many* users do have that problem ?
> Again, come hang around on IRC and witness the havoc.

I experience the same thing as Frank - on my 900mhz/512 mb laptop - I added
inst-source, non-oss, packman, guru and kde-update to yast installation
sources module. After every boot the processes "parse-metadata" and
"update-status" use up a lot cpu for *at least* half an hour. Same thing
happens if I should want to run the Zen Software Installer.

On my AMD64 3000+/1 gig ram work station things weren't nearly as bad - but
still very slow.

Of course I quickly solved this by removing all repos from zen/rug - that way
there is not much update status to check and no metadata for it to parse. And
then installing Smart in stead. The only reason I didn't remove rug/zen
entirely is that I want to be able to test it some more and give feedback.

Good to hear AJ's interest in our feedback. I've been meaning to do a list
that describes everything about Zen/rug/Yast/zmd/libzypp that I don't like.
Since AJ suggested a discussions about this next week I'll start preparing :)

Actually I generally like the "setup" - with the three frontends. Rug for cli,
Zen for the random quick install and Joe sixpack users - and YaST if you
want/need a lot of options and information. If only it would work - and
preferably pretty fast at that - it would be nice.

However I can't help but wonder how things would look if the ressources that
were put into the whole libzypp-, rug-, zenworks-thing had been invested in
developing Smart instead.. I've only used Smart for about a week and
primarily the gui - but I'm absolutely blown away - to have YaST-qt as a
frontend for that would rock the world I think. I also tend to think that
maybe it would be smarter (get it?) to ditch Zen and go with Smart - given
the amount of work Zen still needs.

Using Smart the last week or so actually gives food to the idea that "Not
invented here" is playing a part in what's going on. Maybe it's true that
Novell wants to reinvent everything in Mono.

PS. Someone said, you lose the systray update notifier if you move to Smart.
Not necessarily so - on the guru source there's a package called Ksmarttray -
that does just that.

Martin / cb400f

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