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Re: [opensuse-factory] tagmedia question
On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 01:54:48AM +0200, houghi wrote:
> SUSE uses tagmedia to check the media. I used the following command (and
> outcome)
> houghi@penne : tagmedia --md5 --pad 150 --check \
> ~/iso/10.1_RC3/DVD_DIR/SUSE-10.1-0-DVD.iso
> md5sum=99b7d0c508d213aa0c9ab6edfad56ef1
> pad=150
> check=1

OK. I figured out why it did not work several times and why it suddenly
worked. The answer is not in the README but is in the /usr/bin/tagmedia
script: # md5sum is calculated assuming all spaces in that area.

So what happend was the first time I did just `tagmedia --md5` and that
was not good. I then did a `tagmedia --md5 --pad 150 --check` wwhich is
the correct command, but I had not removed (all of) the tags, so it was
not all spaces.

No idea what the --pad does, but it seems to work. The SUSE iso's have it,
so why not mine. :-)
As it works, the next version of makeSUSEdvd has it. If you want to
include it now in your current version:

Add on an empty line TAGMEDIA right after mkisofs an somewhere else add:

#TAGMEDIA : Add MD5SUM to the iso if tagmedia is available.
if [ -e `type -p tagmedia` ]
echo "MD5SUM is calculated. This can take a while. Please
be patient"
tagmedia --md5 --pad 150 --check $DVD_DIR/$ISO
echo ""


I would love to have the tagmedia included into makeSUSEdvd, but I have NO
idea how to do that. I can't read perl. :-(

Oh well, as it looks it is not realy essential, I just do a check if
`tagmedia` is available and if it is, I add it. I am not going to make it
a requirement to have tagmedia installed.

houghi (Still hoping for a solution for makeSUSEdvd concerning gpg before
the next release)
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