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[opensuse-el] Ελληνικο τμημα στο openSUSE Forums
  • From: Kostas Koudaras <warlordfff@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 10:45:37 +0200
  • Message-id: <AANLkTim6LGp8BxN4Xz_mQQ+-N9psgFG9hRpQwtrFHWyx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Παρακάτω σας κάνω επικόλληση το πμ που πήρα όταν ζήτησα Ελληνικό
Section στο
Όσοι εκδηλώσατε ενδιαφέρον για να γίνετε admin του φόρουμ παρακαλώ
κάντε εγγραφή (αν δεν έχετε κάνει ήδη) και στείλτε μου τα nick σας,
έτσι ώστε να στείλω το pm και να προχωρήσουμε το δυνατόν γρηγορότερα
στην δημιουργία του Section.

Hi again,

Part of our Guidelines for requests such as yours, say in part:

* If the request for the new language forum is initiated by an
individual outside of the existing openSUSE forum/moderator team, then
that initiating individual shall provide an overview as to their
related technical background to the OSF staff (or forum/organization
background) so as to provide confidence that this is a genuine effort
to establish a foreign language forum, and that reasonable
qualifications are in place for them to initiate/manage the new
foreign language forum during its initial start up days

1 - For new, merged, or partner forums, at least one English speaking
person will be identified as a contact and liason for the indicated
language forums. If the forums are hosted at OSF, this person will
become a member of our staff in an appropriate role. The person
identified for each language facet of the OSF forums is responsible to
provide the the OSF staff, in English, every January, a short status
report of their perception of the health of their non-English
forum(s)in order to determine the ongoing health and viability of said
forums and ensure. English is selected as a common communcation
language, and the report requirement is for all openSUSE forum
language groups. The report is intended to facilitate the maintenance
of a regular coordination between the diverse openSUSE forum support
language groups, providing an annual mutual checkpoint and a venue
where non-urgent areas of discussion and commonality can be raised and
progress tracked.

2 - Each OSF language forum will have at least two moderators (this
may include the same or different from the above contact) who will be
official openSUSE forum moderator and actively moderate the indicated
forums. The moderators and the assigned contact must agree to support
and enforce the openSUSE terms and conditions in the indicated forums.
We need you to supply a summary of how you can meet these
requirements. Please include names/forum usernames of all individuals
you have in mind. Identify those who can communicate in English too.

Thank you

Carl Fletcher
OSF Admin

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