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Re: [opensuse-edu] openSUSE Edu Li-f-e goes hybrid
  • From: Jigish Gohil <cyberorg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 10:41:17 +0530
  • Message-id: <b317ae5c0909162211m5ec0f411v212793cefca17e05@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 11:07 PM, Doug Glenn <dglenn99@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Great work!

Two questions.  I notice there is not a package group any longer for
the EDU DVD specific items (such as the LTSP, images, etc).  Would it
be possible to add it back?  Otherwise I am not sure of a quick and
easy way to locate the items and have a refresh installation done if
needed to correct possible suspected corruption (This is a "what if"

You will see "patterns" if you have opensuse-edu addon DVD or online
repository added.

I would also like for the DNS and DHCP yast modules to be loaded as
part of the default as well.  Although you can specify any changes to
the default 10.x.x.x address through the LTSP-KIWI package, you can't
do any additional work if you have more than one subnet, etc for DHCP
or DNS to add a forwarding DNS entry.  It would be great to also allow
us to specify the default domain rather than defaulting to
if these are not included then.

Advanced setup of DNS and DHCP cannot be kept in default live DVD as
it is meant for admins to get LTSP running with the minimum experience
in doing complex setup, however you can install yast2-dhcp and dns
modules via yast, "chattr -i /etc/dhcpd.conf" so kiwi-ltsp-setup does
not overwrite your changes.


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