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Re: [opensuse-edu] Suggestion to the new wiki page design for individual packages
  • From: James Tremblay aka SLEducator <fxrsliberty@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 10:43:36 -0500
  • Message-id: <49510728.2040804@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Lars Vogdt wrote:
Hi Kirill

On Mo 22 Dez 2008 23:44:40 CET Kirill Kirillov
<kirill.kirillov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
1) Old wiki page design for individual packages:

2) Suggestion to the new wiki page ´╗┐design for individual packages:

What do you like more?

I'm fine with both.

2 is more "wiki-like",

1 is more like a newspaper story - if the "Info-Box" on the right side
is "leaft-floated" with the normal description.

But looking at the "source code" (the wiki markup), I like 1 more,
because it's simpler.

So: +1 for suggestion 2.

Any comments will be very appreciated.

I miss links to the Categories, so people can easily find similar
software by clicking on (for example) "Math" or "Up from 6 years".

Perhaps it's also possible to add a link like
""; (replace Geogebra
with the package name) to the repository? This makes it easier for
people to find and directly install the software. But I'm not shure if
this makes it more complicated in the source text.

Download Size/Installed Size -> really necessary?

Perhaps an extra chapter "See also" listing similar packages is helpful?

I've taken Fedora design as the base:


Hello Kirill,
I would agree with Lars, esthetically I liked both, with some leanings
toward 2.
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