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Extended support
  • From: Paul Taylor <ptaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 16:58:13 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <200504022231.37865.ptaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi all:

Before I start this post, I want to apologise in advance if I offend anyone
(thinking about Ian and Richard here and Schoolsforge et al) as far as
repetition and redundancy. I know there is some good stuff out there but I
want to have a go at some things myself.

I have started the process of getting ready for September and yet another
specification to prerare for. I teach predominantly KS5 which is nice but it
does mean quite a lot of work each summer. I have been using Moodle to
deliver my material for nearly 3 years now and am hoping to use what insights
I have gained to put together a site to support FLOSS. I am going to use OCR
as that has the most number of interesting units, although it will
cross-reference most exam boards as they tend to offer the same. I will use
only FLOSS stuff, although pdf output from OO will be my concession to the
uninitiated masses. My existing school site is prety comprehensive and
anyone is welcome to become a user of that if they e-mail me off list.
However, albeit I am Jack of all Trades in IT, I am by no means master of any
so I will need some help on some of the material and was wondering if anyone
wants to help out. For most of it I can kluge together some basic material
but I am thinking about specifics such as macros on OO and top tips for
database design etc. There are also specific units that I could not even
consider doing well such as programming units. I did a C & G night class in
C++ and had a go at teaching myself java but it was all rather poor. I
suspect TA has forgotten more than I will ever know so perhaps he could toss
me a few morsels of material?
The web site is:

and the course is:

KS5 ICT > GCE Applied ICT

I have started work on unit 1 with some basic worksheets which will be the
main format I will use. I will add Hot Potato style quizzes, top tips,
guides, forums and web links as I move along.

Any feedback, suggestions, fellow masochists willing to join in greatly

De omnibus dubitandum

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