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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Reference schools in SW & config help please?
  • From: Thomas Adam <thomas_adam16@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 20:45:22 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <20050311204514.47362.qmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
--- David Bowles <dbowles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> How you can help

I can make the tea...

> Well to begin with I'm looking for some reference sites willing to
> share their experience, preferably secondary schools in the SW (Devon,
> Dorset or Somerset) running a Linux plus Samba based network.

I can speak only retrospectively of the school I was at in Dorset, of it
is of any use to you?

> Ideally I also need to set up a demonstration / trial system within
> the school, enabling them to experience 1st-hand what they've been
> missing out on all along. The hardware for a small trial should not a
> major problem for me, but I do need some way of simulating a heavily
> loaded server -- the equivalent of say 60 or so workstations
> attempting to log in at roughly the same time.

Why? Why would you want to "simulate" concurrent logins in that way?
What is it going to show, other than a (possibly) short lag in
authentication? What purpose does that show, other than to prove the
point that the server can handle it?

> At present the basic system configuration is:
> At present e-mail is POP-3 based using Outlook as the client;

As Mark has pointed out, this is an interesting way of doing things.

> Presumably the principal server software will comprise

Depends what you want to do.

> Linux (SuSE)
> Samba
> Squid
> Apache (for internal Intranet and external web presence)
> Firewall [...suggestions please?]

I'd have said iptables.

> Mail server (POP-3, IMAP, Web Mail) [...suggestions please?]

See the thread Matthew and I discussed a few months ago (it's in the
archives). Exim/postfix/qmail are all powerful MTAs (Mail Transfer
Agent). SuSE still uses Sendmail as the default, I believe. But not that
it matters a greatr deal. If you really are gunning for choosing one, go
with Exim.

Note that an MTA is different for a MDA (Mail Delivery Agent) -- of which
you probably want to use Dovecot, which supports IMAP/Pop3 as protocols.
Out of the box (under Debian at least) it runs with IMAP, so you're OK,

Webmail? Squirremail should do you.

> Anti-virus (server and e-mail scanning) [...suggestions please?]

No such thing for Linux, although I assume you mean you want to scan
(audit?) your workstations? Clamav/SpamAsssassin can all be hooked into
your MTA.

> Remote Access [...suggestions please?]

Do you *really* want to provide ssh access? If so, there is winSCP for
the students, although seriously consider the risk involved in doing so.
There are web-based solutions via shit javascript interfaces out there --
which, although awful, do work.

> Configuration & management tools [...suggestions please?]

Vim. (Because you don't specify what you're after in terms of management
and configuration). Although I suspect you're wanting something along the
lines of {web,user}min [1]? Of course, it might be that YAST is all you

> Backup software [...suggestions please?]

Rsync? Rsync-diff? Will you be doing incremental backups? Will you be
backing up to tape? Will you want some kind of file-based mirroring
(intermezzo, for example). Will you want to just use cron and scp? What
do you want to backup? When?

> Workstation software will include
> Open Office (NB: MS Office retained for the time being)
> Firefox
> E-mail client POP-3 and / or IMAP [...suggestions please?]

Mutt. Thunderbird (shudder).

> Anti-virus (workstation) [...suggestions please?]

Under windows or Linux? If you mean the latter, there's no such thing.
If you mean the former, I couldn't say.

> Remote config & management tools [...suggestions please?]

Again, see {web,user}min [1]. My favourite is: ssh foo vim

-- Thomas Adam

[1] Don't get me started on either of those. I use them as examples
only. I don't suggest in anyway that you should use them.

"The Linux Weekend Mechanic" --
"TAG Editor" --

"<shrug> We'll just save up your sins, Thomas, and punish
you for all of them at once when you get better. The
experience will probably kill you. :)"

-- Benjamin A. Okopnik (Linux Gazette Technical Editor)

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