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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Posters for classroom walls
On Mon, 2004-11-08 at 10:19, Phil Driscoll wrote:
> This message was recently posted to my local LUG mailing list:
> > After seeing the walls of my sister's ICT lab in her school in Harrogate I
> > feel compelled to try and gather some good OSS/Linux posters to in some way
> > dilute all the microsoft posters. I'm especially interested in getting a
> > good Linux poster to go next to the microsoft anti-piracy one. Not one of
> > the microsoft posters give a positive message about computers. They're all
> > "Keep Patched", "Use Antivirus", "Don't Pirate". Ugh, it makes me cringe.
> > Any of you fine folk know of a good source of such things?
> Anyone know of any good posters, or should we design some!

Hello Phil,

Designing some seems like a good idea for a school project,
covering whatever curriculum areas you wish it to (after all,
posters involve language, communication, graphic design,
could also be part of business studies, etc).

Suggestions? How about starting with a cross-platform one
for Mozilla/ Firefox (Mozilla head, slogan about an end
to annoying pop-ups/viruses etc, and something about
tabbed browsing), or - OOo has a separate
logo for education use.

OpenBSD has some good logos, and a security record that
can easily be put into a poster slogan.

Slogans beginning ``Choose...'' seem popular because of
some film, so ``Choose Free Software, choose the freedom
to do it your way, choose GNU/Linux'' or something

Also feel free to try and make an AFFS poster from our
graphic which we used (in slightly different form) in
some print ads:


- Richard

Grants for Free Software development in the UK:

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