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linux for school
  • From: Dermot Mc Laughlin <dermot_mc_laughlin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 20:18:30 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <20040616201824.82951.qmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Please advise...

Im a PGCE student of ICT and as my major assignment I
have chosen to investigate the possibility of
embracing opensource software in the school
environment. To this end, a few months ago I wiped out
windows and replaced it with super slick SuSE and
never looked back!

I just thought that this mailing list might be a good
place to bounce ideas off people. I've done all the
research regarding opensource software replacements
for current software + checking out Wine compatibility
for departments who are in love with their current
packages -- all this has gone very favourably.

Now im looking at the really important part (as far as
management is concerned), Costing!! Here I have hit an
impass! There are so many solutions and distro's

After initial research looks
very interesting -- it would certainly be a good way
of implementing Linux one step/room at a time. Also
looks like old hw could be used to create new computer
suites at little extra expense.

I know this is a SuSE mailing list, so im presuming
that there will be a degree of bias, but thats fair
enough because im a bit biased towards it too. Yast
has seen me through a lot already, and im a bit loathe
to leave it.

The school that im compiling this report for has 474
Windows workstations, does anyone have experience of
Linux administration, implementation on this scale? If
so can you give me an idea of annual costs? Have you
used SuSE for this? What OS is being used for your

One last thing, most school technicians I have met
thus far have little to no experience or knowledge of
Linux; I also consider myself to be a newcomer to this
field, could anyone direct me to a training course
suited to Linux school network administration.

I know that all of the above is a big ask, I will be
gratefull for any pearls of wisdom.

Dermot Mc Laughlin

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